UPEACE Centre for Executive Education

At the Centre, we believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference. Through transformational educational experiences, we empower people to use their passions and strengths to be agents of change. We help people see their potential, and develop the skills, mindset and networks to make a positive impact on the interconnected world.

Our offerings integrate learning, creating, connection and practical application, all coming together to provide life-changing experiences that help people flourish personally and professionally.

To learn more, connect with a member of our team here or visit our website at centre.upeace.org/.

The Centre’s Approach

The Centre’s courses are designed to be engaging and practical. You will interact and connect with your peers during live sessions and leave each course with a practical deliverable, ready to implement in your own context. Each course is led by an expert in the field who is readily available to participants and provides personalized feedback on assignments.

Our courses offer a perfect blend between one-on-one attention and flexibility for the working professional. With online and onsite course options offered 2-3 times per year, you can pick the ones that most interest you and fit with your busy schedule.

You’ll also learn alongside a global classroom of participants hailing from all parts of the world and having a multitude of professional backgrounds. The connections you make often extend well beyond the course itself, evolving into lasting personal and/ or professional relationships with a tight-knit network of likeminded people around the globe.

Course Offerings

The UPEACE Centre offers a wide range of practical, impact-oriented courses that support your professional and personal growth. From leadership and education to negotiations and design thinking, there’s something for everyone.

We have 3 types of courses because we know that everyone learns differently! Choose between online, live virtual and onsite. Online courses focus on asynchronous learning with opportunities to come together with your classmates, live virtual workshops emphasize the virtual classroom experience with complementary asynchronous materials, and onsite courses take place at the University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Take a look at a complete list of our upcoming course offerings here!

Interested in a comprehensive learning experience that combines more than one course for an executive credential? Consider one of our 5-course Diploma programmes! A ‘Global Leadership Diploma‘ provides the space to develop the skills, creative confidence and networks needed to approach complex problems in a fast-changing world. A ‘Diploma in Social Innovation‘ brings together the tools, inspiration and feedback you need to develop and launch a social business, organization or project, or to fine-tune one that is already in progress.

We also have a wide variety of workshop offerings that can be organized on demand. They can be presented at your home institution, or if you can provide six participants or more, we’ll gladly organize a special workshop at the University for Peace campus on dates that are convenient for you and your team.

The Centre as a Social Enterprise

At the Centre, we teach about social entrepreneurship and managing multiple bottom-lines. We consider it important to practice what we preach, and try hard to do so. In order to increase our impact and provide more people with the tools and knowledge they need to make a difference in the world, the Centre offers partial scholarships in order to allow motivated individuals from different backgrounds to participate in our programs. We routinely offer financial aid to ensure that participants join from low-income countries are able to register for our programmes.

To learn more, connect with a member of our team here or visit our website at centre.upeace.org/.