Create Your UPEACE Profile

Why is this important?

Networking!!! There are many alums and fellow students who are interested in learning more about you. By keeping your profile up to date you are opening yourself up to opportunity.

CV's and resumes. The profile can serve as a brief introduction to your aspirations and as a professional summary. It is an informal way to connect with others and offer more information than a business card.

Here are some simple instructions on how to create and update your profile.

How to create and update your profile on UPEACE Intranet

  1. Go to Update your Profile
  2. Type in your UPEACE login and password (the one you use for your UPEACE email)
  3. The Student Intranet homepage will appear, and in the "Your Profile" section on the left, click on "update profile"
  4. Fill in all of the required information and then click "update" at the bottom of the page
  5. Fill in your information and then click "update" at the bottom of the screen

To make any additional changes, go back through steps 3 - 5

Any information you create and keep updated will appear on the UPEACE public page:

Please contact Christine Oatis-Skinner at if you are a student or alumnus/alumna and would like some help in editing your profile/