Delegate HandbookIt is our great honour to announce that the 16th annual University for Peace Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC) will be held on our Costa Rica campus from 28-30 May, 2018, under the theme “Sustaining Peace for All”.

The event will focus on confronting the challenges faced by the United Nations in continuing to promote peace and security in the world. The concept of ‘sustaining peace’, that has come into the international sphere as an improvement of the Peacebuilding Architecture and an expression of the Sustainable Development Goals, will guide the dialogue and negotiations of this year's confrence. As in previous years, the content we have chosen to address through our committee session topics are related to the core concerns of the students and faculty of UPEACE, as well as the United Nations Secretariat and Member States more generally.

The issues of concern this year include armed conflict in Yemen, the regulation of an international military aid and civilian military police, the Human Rights implications of extra-territorial detention centers as well as displaced persons, the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, and the role of education in sustainable development. UPMUNC 2018, as a model of the international community, will take into account the challenges represented by these issues, while considering practical and realistic solutions within the ‘sustaining peace’ concept.

Building on the context provided by real cases, UPMUNC 2018 is expected to promote a holistic perspective in building a common vision of a peaceful global society, with the commitment of sharing tasks and responsibilities among all the nations of the word, and all citizens, through NGOs, international media, and other global civil society efforts.

Join us in the 16th edition of UPMUNC and make your contribution to construct a more peaceful world through dialogue, mutual respect and the modeling of an integrated society.

 - UPMUNC Secretariat