Class Notes


Class of 2011

Mayme Le Furgey – Gender and Peace Building

PhD Candidate at Western University degree in: Women's Studies, Feminist Research, Transitional Justice, and Post-Conflict Reconstruction. 

Current location: Canada.


Thury Bjork Bjorgvinsdottir– Media Peace and Conflict Studies

I was promoted to Information Specialist for the Office of the Iceland Foreign Minister, and I and was allowed to implement most of the suggestions I made in my MA thesis (#Diplomacy, How social Media is Utilized by Diplomats @ Work). Two years ago, I had a daughter, who at the time was 6 years old :) I took her into permanent foster care. Her name is Ysabella. Life is good, but man oh man how I sometimes miss the Costa Rican weather!

Current location: Iceland.


Maricelly Malave – Peace Education

I am a Child Migration Specialist at Capital Area Immigrants' Rights Coalition and Head of the “Unaccompanied Minors, Community Conversations, Community education and Gender Development” programme.  

Current location: USA.


María Angelica Mirabal – International Peace Studies

 I am currently a National Advisor for Monitoring, Evaluation and Research at an International NGO called Kinderdorf International.

Current location: Venezuela.


Lucila Valsecchi – Environment Security and Peace

I work at a social enterprise called Altekio. We are dedicated to sustainability, social innovation, local development, group facilitation, solidary economies, etc. Amazing things! We work with governments, organizations and European projects, offering postgraduate studies in other universities, other trainings, etc.

Current location: Spain.


Myo Min Oo – Peace Education

I have been working with MSI (Mariestopes International Myanmar) as a local consultant. I also sometime works for some local NGO and support organizational development activities and trainings.

Current location: Myanmar.


Rebecca OMedia Peace and Conflict Studies

I am an Emergency Planning Analyst for the Ministry of Environment and Parks part of the Government of Alberta.

Current location: Canada.


Elizabeth Tully - Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

My current job is the Wildlife Conservation Society. I work in their DC office on climate adaptation work for wildlife and ecosystems.

Current location: USA.


Pietra Brown – Environment Security and Peace

I am researcher at the Climate Studies Group (CSGM) at the University of the West Indies. The CSGM is a research body that does research on historical and future trends of climate change and variability. In this group, I work on a variety of projects that involve doing research on the impacts of climate change on society, this includes many vulnerability assessments of communities, focus group discussions, fieldwork and desk based research. I am currently working on this project called the Third National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is the biennial report that all member states have to produce to indicate what they are doing to address climate change. My work includes interviewing Ministries like Health, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Climate Change to get an update of their efforts since the last report, as well as writing reports on how climate change affects gender, the displacement of people, the economy and other social issues. I enjoy it!

Current location: Jamaica.


Nura Suleiman – International Law and the Settlement of Disputes

I have been living in Cape Town for the past 2 years working for a South African consulting firm. Absolutely loving life in this gorgeous city and looking forward to UPEACE visitors!  

Current location: South Africa.


Marco Castro – Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development

I am the Academic Coordinator for the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, ACM.

Current location: Costa Rica.


Stephane Brelivet - Media Peace and Conflict Studies

Took over my family farm on the first day of 2016, and we are in the process of going organic. Quite heavily involved volunteering in a professional union (the French member of Via Campesina) to defend family farming and food security.

Current location: France.


Patrick Hendrickson - International Law and the Settlement of Disputes

I am a Management Consultant in Washington DC.

Current location: USA.


Niina Toroi – Peace Education

I currently work as a Manager of International Relations at the Finnish Olympic Committee. After UPEACE I volunteered in Rwanda where I worked at a UN endorsed NGO called Project Air. A unique programme focuses on HIV positive women and their children by using holistic methods to help allay some of the trauma and mental health issues left in the wake of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Most of the female participants were genocidal rape survivors who currently faced gender-based violence, while the male participants were perpetuators of domestic-and sexual violence, all of who were HIV/AIDS positive. After Rwanda, I worked as an intern at the United Nations office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, I have been involved more within the sporting world. I worked in an International Working Group on Women and Sport in order to foster gender equality within sports before joining the Finnish Olympic Committee. Currently, I am mostly involved with the sports politics and advocacy, in particular advocating for an equal world of sports. In addition, I have a small family now. I am a happy mother, my daughter Linda is now 3 months old, and I have a lovely partner Johan.

Current location: Finland.


Danielle Benson – International Peace Studies

I am currently Chief Operating Officer for Finance Change Singapore at Credit Suisse. After UPEACE I had two children, Allie and Xavier and spent time working in Product Control division of Credit Suisse London. I am very involved with Rhino work and fundraising to save the Rhinos, which live mainly in South Africa and are being killed at an alarming rate to sell Rhino horn to people in Vietnam.

Current location: Singapore.


Revati Pandaya – Natural Resources and Peace

I am a consultant with Natural Justice, an international NGO of lawyers for the environment and the communities. We have been working in three locations in India, on the issues of Forest Rights and access to resources for the tribal and local forest dwelling communities. I have been focusing on pastoralist community rights in the west of India, and as of now, the project has ended. My trajectory of work since UPEACE has been on natural resource management issues and in the past few years, I have been working at the interface of community rights, participatory methodologies and conservation of resources.

Current location: India.

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