Educational Discounts for Alumni

There is a 30% tuition discount for UPEACE Alumni applying to the Doctoral Programme.

 The UPEACE Doctoral Programme seeks to provide candidates with a holistic and interdisciplinary theoretical understanding of diverse themes and problems in peace and conflict studies as well as strategies in peacebuilding. The Programme also offers a broad range of research concentrations and specializations including:

  • Environmental Security and Goverance,
  • Gender and Peace Building,
  • International Law and Human Rights
  • International Law and the Settlement of Disputes,
  • International Peace Studies,
  • Media, Peace and Conflict Studies,
  • Sustainable Natural Resource Management
  • Peace Education,
  • Responsible Management and Sustainable Development,
  • Sustainable Urban Governance and Peace

The Department which is responsible for the concentration area of a doctoral candidate shall serve as the home department for the interdisciplinary doctoral programme of the candidate.

Upon successful graduation from the UPEACE Doctoral Programme, students will be prepared for university teaching, research, or advanced positions in Peace and Conflict Studies-related professional fields. Specifically, students will have developed a sophisticated understanding of research practices and methodologies, will have internalized sound scholarly values and academic integrity, and will have begun to develop a record of published research and conference presentations.

The doctoral degree programme in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University for Peace is conceived of as a professional degree. For more information, contact

There is a 50% tuition discount for UPEACE Alumni applying to the Second Master´s Programme, or individual courses.

Upon completion of a UPEACE first degree, which means having been awarded the corresponding diploma; and fulfillment of all financial commitments with UPEACE; alumni are invited to apply to a the doctoral programme at a 30% tuition discount. Alumni may also apply to a second master´s programme or individual courses at a 50% tuition discount.

Application process

To apply to the second MA programme or an individual course, alumni must send an official email request to stating their interest in pursuing a second MA degree or a course at UPEACE and details regarding their proposed plan of studies.

The Head of Admissions will then proceed to officially notify alumni about admission, by sending an official letter with Financial Terms and Conditions.

Tuition and fees

The second MA programme or course will have a cost of 50% of the regular UPEACE tuition established for the academic year during which the student will enroll.

In addition, Transportation, Graduation and Government fees will also be charged if needed. Government fees will be calculated on a case by case basis, depending on the type of process needed to obtain or renew a Student Temporary Residency.