The following are the main components of UPEACE’s academic programmes. Please click in each “Title” to have more information:

  • Doctoral Programme

    The UPEACE Doctoral Programme seeks to provide candidates with a holistic and interdisciplinary understanding of diverse themes and problems in peace and conflict studies as well as strategies in peacebuilding.

  • Online Education

    The UPEACE Online programme prepares competent professionals to resolve pressing and complex global problems that concern humanity, and to create new approaches to old problems through various levels of analysis and action.

  • Study Abroad Programme (SAP) 

    Offers graduate students from other institutions the opportunity to enroll in UPEACE courses for credit offered during a semester. This programme provides a unique opportunity to participate in a multicultural learning community comprised of participants, faculty and staff from around the world.

  • Undergraduate Credit-Building Programme (UCP-UPEACE)

    UPEACE accepts academically advanced undergraduate students in all of its individual graduate courses, on a case-by-case basis.  UPEACE will award such students graduate-level credits for successful completion of these courses.

  • Partnership Programmes

    The University for Peace works in partnership with several renowned universities around the world to offer students a unique dual Master’s degree.

  • Other studies at UPEACE

    UPEACE has special academic programmes with other universities around the world. Each programme has one-of-a-kind elements in order to ensure an innovative offering targeted to students who would like to undertake studies in different parts of the world.

  • Faculty

    Over the past five years UPEACE has relied on a mix of resident and visiting faculty members to teach its face-to-face courses. They all bring richness of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and affirm the international and multicultural character of UPEACE.