Emergency and insurance information for students

UPEACE Emegency Number / Número de emergencias UPAZ

In case of an emergency, please contact (506) 8791-4931. 

En caso de emergencia, favor comunicarse al teléfono (506) 8791-4931.

Regular Students

Click below for the full PDF version of the card. We recommend you print it out, fill in your insurance information, and carry it with you.

Haga clic abajo para ver la versión completa de la tarjeta en PDF. Le recomendamos que la imprimas, rellenes los datos de tu seguro y la lleves contigo.

APS Programme Students

READ THIS: What do in case of an emergency?

Bridge Insurance Claim Form-APS Studies

Emergency Services / Servicios de Emergencia

If there is any type of emergency here are the numbers to call:

  • Police Department / Policía: 117

  • Fire brigades and rescue teams / Bomberos y equipos de rescate: 118

  • Rural Police / Guardia Rural: 127

  • Red Cross / Cruz Roja: 128

  • Traffic Police / Policía de Tránsito: 222-9330, 222-9245. This is who you call in case of a car accident or stolen vehicle.

  • You must take into account that if there is an emergency, it is a good a idea to keep in contact with your country’s embassy in Costa Rica. See a list of all foreign embassies and consulates here.

Emergency contact information for U.S. Citizens

Telephone: (506) 2519-2000 or | From the U.S.: 011-506-2519-2000
Consular fax: (506) 2220-2455 | From the U.S.: 011-506-2519-2455

Email address:  ACSSanJose@state.gov

Website: https://cr.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/emergency-contact/