Current Doctoral Students

Doctor of Philosophy, UPEACE Headquarters

Full Name


Dissertation proposal

Abhinav Kumar Mishra


AI for Peace: Legal framework for regulation of robotics for peace

Ana Elena Castillo

Costa Rica

Hate speech in the context of social engineering processes and its limitations regarding freedom of expression as a human right

Andrés Arturo Morales

Costa Rica

Peace Building through Non-Formal Education: Study of the practices, activities, and programmes of the World Scout Movement

Andres Felipe Zalamea Caroprese


The Economics of Social Innovation in Latin America: Social and Solidarity Finance as a tool for Sustainable Development

Andrew Colin Mackay

United Kingdom

Cross-Border Illicit Financial Flows: the role of professional non-financial bodies as enablers of transnational organized crime

A-Young Moon

South Korea

Post-colonial critical pedagogy and militarism – A reading of Michael Apple’s Can Education Change Society

Baktygoul Koubanytch


International Protection of Internally Displaced Persons: A case study of Iraq

Beena Peter


Violence in the migratory process: Study of the undocumented migrants that travel from South and Central America, and Mexico to United States.        

Candido Modesto Bardalez


Creative Strategies to Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Belize: School – Community Partnerships

Emmanuella Mbongeh Langsi


An Assessment of the Contributions, Impact and Challenges of Inter-religious Dialogue in Central African Republic Peacebuilding Efforts

Fereschta Sahrai


Just Inclusive Peace Processes?! – Negotiating between peace-theory, peace-practice and peace-policy

Fichanfie DJ Nkwain Ngamfon


Analysing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method in the Bakassi Conflict

Jarvas Benedict Zungumbia

South Sudan

Crafting Good Enough Governance Through Technocratic Approach. A Case Study of South Sudan

Jehyeok Jee

South Korea

Human security in Yeonpyeong Island

Kalden Munas

Sri Lanka

Transformative Capacities of Education for Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka

Ketevan Nozadze

United States

Measuring environmental, social and economic transformation in new era of Sustainable Tourism

Kellie Quinn

United States

Entrepreneurship and refugees

Keolebogile Lebogang Maruapula


The Role of women in Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Development: Gaps & Challenges & Lessons from Bayeyi Women of Botswana

Ketevan Nozazde

United States

Measuring environmental, social and economic transformation in new era of Sustainable Tourism

Mary Little

United States

Assessing community tourism structures and resilience in the face of COVID-19

Megan Capp

United States

Protection of children whose parents are in conflict with the law

Michelle Renee Lillie

United States

Impact of Climate Change on Migration Drivers to the US / Mexico Border

Mikiko Sawanishi


UN Trust Funds: An Innovative Solution or an Impediment to the UN’s Core Principles of Equality, Collective Action, and Sustainability?

Mohammad Amin Rashedi


Mathematical Philosophy in Peace

Natasha Luckhardt


“The Silence Massacre” (Chronic Kidney Disease amongst sugar cane workers in Nicaragua and El Salvador)

Nichole Faith McVeigh

United States

How can the curriculum in English language classrooms serve as a platform in incorporating intercultural learning to achieve peaceful cross-cultural dialogue?

Paola Fonseca

Costa Rica

Social Impact Investment (SII) in Costa Rica: SII as a way of channelling new resources towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda or Costa Rica.

Philomena Talatu Zamani


Peace and Reconciliation Strategy in Kaduna State

Pratyush Sharma


Sustainable Development and South-South Cooperation: Examining Dual Causality

Pushpi Ganganie Weerakoon

Sri Lanka

Protection for Migrants: Reparation for the Families of Diseased and Disappeared Migrants in Transition through Non-Jurisdictional Routes in Central Mediterranean Region

Raphael Asuliwonnu


The role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in promoting Peacebuilding

Rinret Dabeng


“Together we survive, divided we die”: The mobilization of civilian agency and the complexities of self-protection strategies employed by Muslim and Christian

Safiya Garba


Violence and Peacebuilding in Women’s Voices – Narratives and Peacebuilding Strategies through Participatory Arts in Rural Kaduna State, Nigeria

Saidou Elhadji Hamani


Role of International Organizations in Promoting Peace and Sustainable Development in Conflict Affected countries in Africa: Case of Central African Republic

Salome Ntububa Mulangala

Democratic Republic of Congo

Preventing sexual and gender-based violence in D.R Congo

Samuel Ngede Metuge


Dual Mediator Bias and the IGAD resolution of the armed conflict in South Sudan (2013-2018)

Sifan Jian


Most Needed Impact Investing Programs Amongst the Left-Behind-Women Communities in Rural Areas in Western China

Srishti Singh


Analysing Labour Standards within the realm of Human Rights and International Trade

Stacy Marie Estrada

United States

Creating Peace by Developing World Leaders: Improving the Immigrant and Migrant Relational Gap Through Post-Secondary Education.

Tiyamike Mkanthama


Social Action, Empowerment and Self-Determined Development: A case study of the Baha’i approach to Social and Economic Development within the Talamanca Bribri Territory

Tomoko Ohtsuki


The relations between crisis and promotion of human rights and social inclusion

Yigu Liu


Localization and internationalization of the development of China’s Hainan free-trade port legal system and explore the effects of Chinese and global business implications under the development.

Yumiko Shinya


Designing “innovative microfinance for peacebuilding” in post-conflict countries: Case study analysis for its feasibility and aid effectiveness


Doctor of Philosophy with Specialization in Peace, Governance and Development, African Regional Programme



Abdillahi Hassan Abdi

Governing Cross-Border Security in the Horn of Africa: The Case of Ethiopia-Somaliland Border

Abdisamad Mal

Politics of Regional Integration as a Peacebuilding Strategy in the Horn of Africa: Case Study of Ethiopia and Somaliland

Abdoulahi Odowa

An Analysis of Negotiated Security Governance in Somaliland

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud

State Building Process in Somaliland: Understanding the Three Trajectories-Democratic Governance, Clan Hegemony and Political Islam

Nasir Mohamed Ali

State Fragility Nexus Migration in the Horn of Africa: A Case Study

Sied Muhumed Jibril

The Security and Development Nexus: The Case of Somaliland


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