Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies (DPCS) at the University for Peace is an integrated grouping of programmes that affiliate, interrelate and synergize around core themes and perspectives in conflict analysis and the challenges to peacebuilding. The programmes share a common goal of providing a critical understanding and analysis of root causes of conflicts and violence in diverse local, national, global and societal contexts, while specifically focusing on various dimensions, strategies, sectors, institutions and levels of conflict resolution and transformation to build a peaceful world.

Over the past several years, Alumni have drawn upon the knowledge, skills, vision and commitment gained from these programmes to serve effectively and creatively in a wide range of peacebuilding-related roles in their societies and in the wider international community. 

Certificate Programmes Available!

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Our Programmes

Gender and Peacebuilding

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Peace Education

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International Peace Studies

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IPS Specializing in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies

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Religion, Culture and Peace Studies

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Resident Faculty

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Dr. Adriana Salcedo

Department Head

Dr. Stephanie Knox

Assistant Professor

Dr. Uzma Rashid

Associate Professor

Dr. Mauricio Vieira

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mirian Vilela

Director, Earth Charter International