Doctoral Programme Alumni

Study Plan

Doctor of Peace and Conflict Studies, UPEACE Headquarters

Listed by graduation order.

  • Mihir Kanade (India). Dissertation title: The Multilateral Trading System and Human Rights: A Governance Space Theory on Linkages
  • Lucio Sarandrea (Italy). Dissertation title: Improving Rule of Law Assistance Projects in Transitional Countries. Towards a New Model of International Assistance Based on Practitioners’ Experiences
  • Wyclife Ong’eta Mose (Kenya). Dissertation title: Violent Conflict and Development in West Pokot County, Kenya
  • Dramame Ouattara (Cote d’Ivoire). Dissertation title: Electoral Systems Engineering and Political Reconciliation in Africa: Lessons from South Africa and Cote d’Ivoire
  • Mariateresa Garrido V. (Venezuela). Dissertation title: The Right to Freedom of Expression in the Digital Era. Limitations v. Protection in the Case of Venezuelan Citizen Journalists
  • Carl Lawson (United States). Dissertation title: Peace Is Not the Word to Play – An Examination of Hip-Hop as a Peace Movement and Instrument for Peace & Social Justice
  • Jana Lozanoska (Macedonia). Dissertation title: Hannah Arendt’s Political Theory: As Rethinking of Human Rights with Human Dignity as Their Basis
  • Kabiito Bendicto (Uganda). Dissertation title: Culture, Resources, and the Gun in the Violent-Conflict Causation: Understanding the Karamoja Conflict
  • Dinoo Mathew (India). Dissertation title: Inclusive Peace, Gender Equity, and Political Parties: Formation of Peace in Kerala (1950 – 2010)
  • Britney Villhauer (United States). Dissertation title: Critical Indigenous Approaches to the Decolonization of Environmental Management through REDD+ in the Bribri Territory of KéköLdi, Costa Rica: Creating Positive Peace
  • Natacha John (United Kingdom). Dissertation title: The Humanitarian Witness: Introducing the Human Rights-Based Needs Assessment Through the Lens of the Syrian Crisis (2011-2014)
  • Jan Breitling (Germany). Dissertation title: The Political Ecology of Forest Cover Change: Costa Rica’s Forest Transition Revisited
  • Mumbua Simon (Kenya). Dissertation title: The Confluence of Ideas in Catholic Social Teaching Tenets and Theory/Practice of Peace Education in the Catholic University of East Africa, Kenya: Signs, Prospects and Implications
  • Fereschta Sahrai (Germany). Dissertation title: Just Inclusive Peace Processes?! Transcending Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches for Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan

Doctor of Philosophy with Specialization in Peace, Governance and Development, African Regional Programme

  • Mohamed Farah Hersi. Dissertation title: The Political Economy of Regional Integration in the Horn of Africa: The Role of IGAD (1986-2019)
  • Nasir Mohamed Ali. Dissertation title: The Implications of State Fragility on Migration in Somaliland: 1991 to 2017
  • Mohamed A. Mohamoud (Barawani). Dissertation title: Understanding the Interplay of Three Trajectories: Democracy, Clan, and Islam in the State-Building Process of Somaliland
  • Abdullahi Odowa. Dissertation title: Negotiating Security Governance in Galkayo, Somalia
  • Mohamed Osman Mohamoud. Dissertation title: An Analysis of Somalia’s Post Conflict State Building Process and Narrative of Youth Alienation
  • Ridwaan Hassan Abdi. Dissertation title: An Analysis of the International Community’s Localization Agenda in Aid Delivery in Somalia
  • Mohamed Aden Jimale. Dissertation title: Terror Attacks and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Somalia
  • Hassan Abdullahi Dahie. Dissertation title: An Analysis of the Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare Service Delivery in Somalia
  • Abdullahi Ali Hayle. Dissertation title: An Analysis of Somalia’s Health System and its implications for Sustainable Health Governance
  • Jamaludin Mustafa Omar. Dissertation title: The Interplay Between Electoral and Non- Electoral Factors in Somalia’s Elections: Implications on Continuity
  • Hamdi Ismail Abdullahi. Dissertation title: An Appraisal of Legal and Policy Framework of Somaliland Plural Justice System
  • Barkhard Kaariye. Dissertation title: Somaliland’s Indigenous Post-Conflict Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Approach: Challenges and Experiences
  • Mohamed Abukar Islow. Dissertation title: An Analysis of Security Governance in Post-Conflict Somalia: Prospects and Challenges
  • Fardowsa Ahmed Gambol. Dissertation title: An Assessment of Youth Participation in the Peacebuilding Process in Galkacyo, Somalia
  • Abdirizak Omar Mohamed. Dissertation title: Evaluating the Challenges to Post-conflict Peace and State-Building in Somalia
  • Abdirahman Mohamed Ali (Adle). Dissertation title: Managing Migration Through Visa Processes: The Impact of Business Visas on Foreign Investment and Employment in Somalia
  • Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Dissertation title: Examining the Challenges of Clan Politics in State Building: A Case Study of Somalia
  • Hussein Sheikh Mohamoud. Dissertation title: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in Somalia: Implications for Good Governance
  • Sied Muhumed Jibril. Dissertation title: Exploring the Security and Socio-Economic Development Nexus in Somaliland: 1991-2018
  • Hassan Abdi Abdulahi. Dissertation title: Managing Cross Border Security in the Horn of Africa: The Case of Ethiopia-Somaliland Border


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