Health Services

Medical Services

The University provides students and staff with primary care medical services on a daily basis. This service is overseen by the Department of Human Resources at UPEACE. The Infirmary is located next door to the Front Desk by the main parking area.

Coverage of Medical Services

• Appointments include medical consultation, emergency evaluation and procedures, information regarding vaccinations, sutures, etc. This medical service does not replace any treatment or programme you have with your private family doctor or specialist.

• Information about medical specialists and their contact information are also available from the doctors on campus. Prescribed medication and lab tests at private laboratories are the student’s financial responsibility if the cost (after the deductible) is not reimbursable from private insurance.

• The doctor’s appointment on-campus is free of charge but prescribed medication and lab tests, if obtain outside the public health insurance system, are the student’s responsibility to pay for and may be obtained at local pharmacies or private laboratories.

• It is important to note that the on-campus medical services do not cover relatives or friends. However, referrals may be obtained from the Doctor. • Important: After hours, patients will be referred to a private or public clinic for treatment.

• The cost for treatments outside the scope of the on-campus Medical Services are the responsibility of the student.

• The doctor may be contacted during office hours by phone: (506) 2205-9045 / 2205-9059 and/or email at

Health Insurance

All UPEACE students of regular MA programs; are insured by the Costa Rican Social Security Health Insurance (also known as Caja or CCSS). For insurance questions, contact

Wellbeing Coordinator and Psychologist

All students and staff are welcome to use the services of the Wellbeing Coordinator/Psychologist, to talk about any personal concerns, have some tea, draw or simply relax. This confidential service is available on campus.