M.A. in Peace Education



Application Deadline

31 May 2024

M.A. in Peace Education

The Master of Arts Degree in Peace Education (PE) seeks to develop and strengthen the capacity of formal and informal educators to build a peaceful world on all levels and in all dimensions of life. Through coursework and independent research or internship experiences, complemented with a unique and cooperative learning environment at UPEACE, students will enhance their values formation, knowledge and skills for living in and building cultures of peace. An understanding of the roles education, educators and institutions can play in resolving and transforming conflicts and violence towards holistic cultures of peace is explored.

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About the Programme

Resident Faculty

Dr. Adriana Salcedo

Department Head

Dr. Stephanie Knox

Assistant Professor

Dr. Uzma Rashid

Associate Professor

Dr. Mauricio Vieira

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mirian Vilela

Director, Earth Charter International

Programme Brochure

PE Brochure Cover